Recorded this improvisation with my dear friend and incredible cellist Franz Ortner in 2003. One and only take. The visuals I made now in Isadora during a train journey.

This Comment was written as response to this music - as he listened while waiting at Sydney airport:

"A Japanese butoh dancer once asked me to imagine the most delicate sensation, and to amplify that sensation through my body. What happened though, was not an amplification of a delicate sensation in the macro world of my body, but my body’s inhabitation of a microscopic world where the delicacy of the sensation became a tremor in an imaginary landscape.

The viol is another imaginary geographic place inhabited by creatures who thrive on the tremors that are common to that land. Their home is a floating island, not unlike the floating worlds associated with  science fiction. There the edges are not defined by the meeting of land and sea, instead they are the territory of skies. We can recognize some things in this land, like the gossamer wings of insects fluttering, and the resonance of hollow vessels. Its inhabitants are drawn along suspended cableways, singing and noising in fits and starts, but always singing and noising, as though it was the very breath of life.

Viol is not tethered to tectonic plates like the lands of earth, instead it is a land that floats quite freely. At times the trajectory through the skies brings them close to other floating worlds. These times are cause for great celebration but also trepidation, for it is not known if the encounter will bring harmony or discord. The creatures take it in their meter, because these engagements are only fleeting. Before the two worlds drift apart an evolutionary thread, that cannot be seen, links these worlds forever.

best wishes,


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