Since 2013 I´m a Isadora Pro user. Isadora has some strong points that make it a good choice for interactive designs. It is optimized for live video, light and sound performance, and has a scene-based timeline as well as a quick build control panel.

In the next example you can see the interactive use of Isadora. Tracked with Kinect, NImate Ghost Image through Syphon into Isadora, music synced from Cubase with 3 Midi Tracks (1 every beat, 2 first beat, 3 second beat)

Controlled via IPad and TouchOSC: 4 DMX Channels, Mask Content, Image Multiplication, Switching Midi Trigger Channels

Student (non professional) Live Performance Vienna, Institut Dr. Schmida 29.6.2013 Choreography: Elke Pichler 

Video and Lightdesign: Alexander Nantschev

Picture follows my face:

Picture follows ghost image:

Right hand of the bow arm scrubbs video:

Freak Show 1
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