Interview mit Norbert Trawöger

Izzy Stammtisch Vienna

Izzy Stammtisch 1.0

I am planning regular Isadora gatherings in Vienna. The first will be on the 28.10. at Nordbahnhalle. 


Always discovering new possibilities with the shapes actor in Isadora

Recording Tsilya Spiegelman

Big joy recording the young Tsilya Spiehelman


After watching the new tutorials by Julius from Delicode, I got some new inspirations for that great software, more to come

The first one is a combination of Z-Vector, Isadora and Rutt Etra

The second I mapped the controls in Z-Vector with my Novation Launch Control. Here I used my Kinect v2.

Workshops in Berlin Isadora Werkstatt 2017

Wonderful memories of the Isadora Werkstatt 2016. Since then I am a member of the Isadora team. This year the Werkstatt will take place from 7.-13.8. in Berlin. I am a little proud that I have been invited to give workshops there. Can´t wait to see the community again.

Theremin performance

Berlin by Wolfgang von Zorn

Alexander Nantschev - Theremin

Michael Lind - Drums

live at Cabaret Fledermaus 24.2.2017

Ball der Schwarzen Masken

Isadora Mapping Tutorial

Here a mapping tutorial I made in 2014, after a skype session with Graham Thorne. The main idea was to remember what I learned.

Need to be cloned

November was packed:

2 premieres (music composition, video production), made my final diploma Trinity College London (Recital FTCL), here 8 pupils of mine passed (5 distinctions, 3 merit), final exam in the music school of my pupil Marlene, Jeunesse workshop with kids (first time contact with string instruments)

"Bemerkenswert bleiben die Kostüme von Sabile Rasiti und die Musik von Alexander Nantschev.


GLSL Shader

The new features of Isadore are inspiring me for new interactive experiments.

More coming soon...

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